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Allergy Support Drip
Allergy Support Drip

Allergy Support Drip

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drip contains 1000mg of Glutathione ,2000mg of Vitamin C,B6,Magnesium. IV therapy can be a successful step on the road of preventive healthcare.
Therapeutic doses of vitamin C have been shown to be toxic to cancer cells and are well-known for their effectiveness in building immunity.
Glutathione is an antioxidant with several functions in the body. This compound is essential in:
-Forming DNA
-Supporting the immune system
-Breaking down free radicals
-Detoxing liver and kidney
-Rejuvenating skin and body
B6 vitamin shot helps with high cholesterol,high blood pressure,PMS,depression,menopause,dementia, diabetes,asthma,arthritis,acne,infertility. Magnesium is important element to help to promote heart health,support healthy blood sugar levels, combat depression, boost exercise performance,boast anti-inflammatory benefits,improve PMS symptoms,promote bone health,support better sleep