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Fat Freeze Membranes
Fat Freeze Membranes
Fat Freeze Membranes
Fat Freeze Membranes

Fat Freeze Membranes

R 100.00
Tax included.

Anti-freezing membranes for fat freezing/ CoolSculpting treatment.

Size 34x42cm, weight 110g. 

Product Description

Antifreeze membranes are critical to optimise the efficacy of the Cryogenic Lipolysis treatments, whilst ensuring you provide total protection for skin. Anti cooling gel pad antifreeze membrane for cryotherapy fat freezing liposuction treatment. The antifreeze membrane is specially used for cryolipolysis slimming therapy. During cryolipolysis/freezing fat therapy, it helps to avoid skin frostbite dispense low temperature to skin more evenly. It is easy to use and suitable for all skin type, without skin allergies.

Feature and function:
(1). Unique recipe antifreeze.
(2). Cryolipolysis antifreeze protect skin.
(3). Antifreeze used below -20 degree temperature.
(4). 1 pcs/bag.
(5).used for skin frozen therapy(disposable material)


Antifreeze mebrane is an important and necessary part of every, single treatment with the most advanced method of eliminating fat - Cryolipolysis. Composition our antifreeze mebrane contains hypoallergenic substances that during development have proved most suitable for safe and clean handling and basic membrane was fabricated using a new, advanced technology nanostructures.